7 Stories That Explain Why Joker Is So Sick And Twisted

7 Stories That Explain Why Joker Is So Sick And Twisted

The Joker is a standout amongst the most captivating villains in pop culture. He’s one of Batman’s most prominent foes and most likely the one individual from his Rogues Gallery who’s seemingly nearly his mirror representation. All things considered, the two characters were conceived from an awful day. Here, we will investigate some of the Joker’s origin stories and dive further into what makes the Clown Prince of Crime such a captivating and petrifying character.

1. The Killing Joke

The Joker is maniacal, there’s no denying that. In Alan Moore’s renowned worldwide one-shot The Killing Joke, we see the profundities of his psychosis through one of his origin stories.

The Killing Joke gives readers a glance at the anonymous Joker before his distorting mishap, having a hard existence with his pregnant spouse while working at a chemical plant. He tells his better half that he’s quitting to become a comedian. However, he understands that he won’t be able to give her the life she needs. In the wake of getting mixed up with a gang of mobsters known as the Red Hood Gang in a plot to steal from his previous working place, he’s chased around the Batman and jumps into a vat of chemicals in order to escape, thereby deforming his face.

As the Joker, we see him commit atrocities against Barbara Gordon, the first Batgirl, and her dad Commissioner Gordon. He torments them both and paralyzes Barbara to make Gordon go crazy. This is indicative of how one day is sufficient to change even the best of individuals…

2. Batman: Zero Year

Batman: Zero Year offers a minor departure from the Red Hood story, retuned for DC’s far reaching “New 52” reboot. Here, Batman’s recently started his life as a vigilante. In addition to this, he is nearly beaten out of commission by the Red Hood Gang before learning of their plans to loot a chemical plant. The pioneer, Red Hood One, again jumps into a vat of chemicals to prevent being caught by Batman. The group’s pioneer is later identified. However, that’s after his remaining parts have been discovered destroyed in a barrel of lye. This is suggestive that the genuine Red Hood One may have sentenced some poor patsy to a horrifying demise so he could begin his new life as the Joker. He’s done some disgusting things throughout the years, yet dissolving somebody to fake his own demise must be one of the most awful.

3. Flashpoint Joker – Martha Wayne

In the Flashpoint arc, we’re given a glance of an alternate universe in which things are altogether different. In it, Batman still exists, however his genuine character is Dr. Thomas Wayne, Bruce Wayne’s dad. The great doctor turned into the Batman after his son was shot and killed one night, which is just the opposite of Bruce Wayne’s origin story. Shockingly, this same occasion made Martha Wayne go crazy and transform into the Joker. Yes, you read correctly, Bruce Wayne’s mother turns into the Joker in the Flashpoint arc, with green hair and scars. Not to be beaten by alternate forms of the Joker, Martha winds up kidnapping Harvey Dent’s children and kills Commissioner Gordon. This is one mother you wouldn’t want to come across.

4. Batman Confidential

The Joker’s origin in Batman Confidential: Lovers and Madmen is significantly more crazy because he begins as an ordinary, yet skilled, criminal named Jack who ends up noticeably fixated on Batman. Subsequent to perpetrating wrongdoing in the wake of exhausting wrongdoing, Jack chooses to raise the bars and tries to get caught, prompting his first encounter with Batman. He’s so intrigued by the Batman that he continues endeavouring to coax him out with different crimes before eventually hitting a ball that is hosted by Lorna Shore who is Batman’s girlfriend. He winds up wounding her, thereby infuriating Batman who cuts Jack’s face, giving him his trademark grin. In the wake of setting up Jack to be slaughtered by monsters, Batman acknowledges what he’s done and tries to save the man’s life. Quite obviously, he falls into a vat of chemicals and rises as the Joker.

5. Batman – Jack Nicholson

In Tim Burton’s Batman, the Joker begins as a hoodlum by the name of Jack Napier. As destiny would have it, he was partially responsible for the deaths of Bruce Wayne’s parents. Napier and an accomplice killed the Waynes in a messed up burglary. However, before Napier could slaughter the young Bruce, his accomplice persuaded him to escape, leaving the kid stranded. A long time later, in the wake of climbing the Mafia ranks, Napier endured an accident that left his skin blanched and turned his hair green. Thus, the Joker was conceived once more!

This form of the Joker, while fierce and certainly noxious, was somewhat goofier. Every little thing about him, right from the senseless outfits to the comical huge weapon he uses to bring down the Batwing and the Prince tune he moves along to, is really wacky. Be that as it may, he’s a frosty, hard executioner, making Nicholson’s Joker one of the coolest.

6. The Dark Knight – Heath Ledger

Heath Ledger’s depiction of the Joker is the stuff of legends and threw the baddie to new, alarming statures. While the Joker’s dependably been known as an inconsistent storyteller due to his psychosis, Ledger’s form presents a few origin stories in The Dark Knight, making us ponder who he truly was earlier on. His stories dependably have to do with how he got his scars, and he talks about them know with such intensity that he summons the attention of all who tune in. It’s here that we see the Joker’s most prominent device isn’t his armoury of weapons, his startling appearance, or even his psychosis; instead, it’s his mystique and his capacity to get the rapt attention of people. After all, he could turn Harvey Dent, Gotham’s most noteworthy weapon against crime, into the crazy baddie known as Two-Face.

7. Suicide Squad – Jared Leto

We’ve seen enough of Jared Leto’s Joker to know what sort of villain he’ll be in the film. A large portion of the sneak peeks and trailers demonstrate his interactions with Harley Quinn. Therefore, we can expect to see the transformation of Dr. Harleen Quinzel into her deadly alter ego. While many fans aren’t excessively enamored with Jared Leto’s outrageous looks as the Joker, we’re happy to see that Leto got into the character’s head and sent some unpleasant gifts to his co-stars. We’re supposing this implies he’s taken advantage of some of the character’s really twisted identity qualities.

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