6 Stunning Pictures Of the Lady Behind Dull Captain Phasma – Gwendoline Christie!

6 Stunning Pictures Of the Lady Behind Dull Captain Phasma – Gwendoline Christie!

When it was officially announced that Gwendoline Christie, the incredibly tall, beautiful and spectacular actress from Game Of Thrones was cast in Episode VII as Captain Phasma, the fans just lost their minds, as they all were busy obsessing over this Shiny, mean-looking mysterious character over the weeks. Captain Phasma could have been the next Boba-Fett. On the force Friday, when the fans were allowed to buy the official merchandise on the Episode VII characters, the sales of captain phasma action figures single-handedly beaten sales of more central characters like Finn and Rey.
However, we all were totally let down, once we got to see how badly this highly anticipated character was dealt in the movie. Captain Phasma may have a significant role in Episode VIII, but at this point, we can easily tag it as “UNDERUTILIZED”. We can’t disagree that Gwendoline is a more than capable actress to play any role thrown at her. She has confirmed her capability in theaters, Television Series and movies that are very demanding, and don’t take anything than “perfect” when it comes to quality. Let’s have a look at some of the scarce but fantastic pictures of Gwendoline Christie. Enjoy!





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