6 Most Powerful Characters Batman Has Beaten

6 Most Powerful Characters Batman Has Beaten

For a man whose superpower is an endless wallet, Batman seems to win a lot of fights. And we are not talking only about his battles against Gotham City’s supervillains. He can beat almost everyone from aliens to evil gods. Batman is the world’s greatest tactician, but it also feels like he is almost too good at the job. There is a popular Internet saying that “Batman can beat anyone with enough prep time,” but here are 6 times when his victories were against opponents who were out of his league:

1. Superman

After the release of Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice, the world now knows that Batman can take down the Man of Steel.  The fight is based off a scene from The Dark Knight Returns where an armored Batman beats Superman with Green Arrow who shoots a kryptonite into the fray to weaken the ex-ally.  After exhausting all options, including a kryptonite ring,  Batman had ordered Catwoman to drop Lois Lane off as he knew that it would break Poison Ivy’s control over Superman.

2. Green Lantern

Batman has beaten two different Green Lanterns. In an issue of Justice League International, Batman punched Green Lantern Guy Gardner who had hoped to assert himself as the leader.  Batman emasculated Gardner and turned him into a joke. When Justice League had objected to Batman’s violent methods, they had sent Jordan to give him a “talk.”  He found the Dark Knight in yellow paint, sitting in a yellow room.  A Green Lantern ring does not work against yellow objects.

3. Darkseid

When Darkseid is prepared to invade Earth in Final Crisis, they neutralized the Earth’s mightiest heroes.  Batman was the first hero to fall to Darkseid’s plans. Unfortunately, Darkseid’s plan had one flaw: they left Batman alive and shielded him from the Anti-Life Equation.  After escaping from prison, Batman hunted Darkseid and used a god-killing bullet to injure Darkseid.  His victory came at a cost. Darkseid hit Batman with Omega Sanction, and this sent him back in time.

4. The Predator

Batman’s opponents are not limited to DC characters. He has defeated opponents from other popular franchises.  The 1991 Batman vs. Predator miniseries had fierce alien hunters to stalk a dangerous prey: the billionaire who dresses as a rodent at night to scare criminals.  

The Predator found Batman was not like Carl Weathers. With the help of Gordon and Alfred, Batman sent the Predator packing.  He suffered a humiliating defeat in galactic history, and the Predator commits suicide with a sword.

5. Captain America

Marvel and DC had a crossover in the 1990s and pitted superheroes from against each other in combat.  Most of the opponents had similar skills, so it makes a lot of sense that Batman’s opponent was Captain America.  

When a sewer flush knocked Captain America off balance, Batman knocked the Avenger out with a batarang and dived into the water to save his foe.  Batman said that by saving Captain America, he had lost the fight.

6. White Martians

The White Martians are aliens with the same powers as the Martian Manhunter and have psychopathic tendencies. A group of White Martians posed as superheroes called the Hyperclan to prep for an invasion of Earth. The Justice League did not realize the danger until it was too late. They lost a battle to the Hyperclan but Batman. They thought they left Batman dead, but he was not. Batman took out four Hyperclan members and left it easily for the rest of the Justice League.

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