6 Insane Facts about He-Man and The Masters of Universe.

3. Skeletor is Blue in Color

Despite the blood that runs in their veins, He-Man and Skeletor share some other similarities. Skeletor is quite exactly as nude as his Lion mounting nephew He-Man. That means that this skull-faced villain from Eternia is an odd blue monster. According to a revelation made by the cartoon series in 2002 and Masters of Universe toy series, Skeletor is a Gar. A light blue skinned race that were behind the assassination of the King Grayskull.

But what does not really make sense here is Skeltor is a Gar but his brother King Randor is a Space-Caucasian. We should not really go deep into this mystery because even Dan Brown has not been able to come around these Da Vinci Codes. If rumors are to be believed than Skeletor was the older brother of King Randor. However, he was not allowed to occupy the throne due to his color. Oh My God! Racism is an issue even in Eternia. I thought it was prevalent on the planet Earth.


4. Teela is More Powerful than He-Man

The Sword of ultimate Power was given to Prince Adam by none other than Sorceress. He-Man can’t exist without Sorceress and her successor is none other Teela—the best pal of He-Man. Thus, in a way, Teela is more powerful than the most powerful man in the world.


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