Actors Who Could Play Darkseid In Justice League 2

Actors Who Could Play Darkseid In Justice League 2

According to a few tabloids, Arnold Schwarzenegger was supposed to play Zeus or Ares in Wonder Woman. This is not Arnie’s first rodeo in DCU, having played a Mr. Freeze who delivers bad puns every few seconds, one can hope for something much better. So, who should play the role of Darkseid? Here are a few people who could play this role:

1. Arnold Schwarzenegger

If rumors of him being Ares or Zeus were quashed, then we hope that he is the main antagonist in the upcoming JL movie. He surely has the physique but and is great at keeping a poker face which is something that Darkseid is well known for.

2. Jeff Bridges

He checks almost all boxes required to be Darkseid. But it is unlikely that Warner Bros. would cast someone who is already established in the Marvel universe.

3. Andre Braugher

Andre would be anyone’s first choice, and he may even claim this role of Lord of Apokolips. Braugher’s rumbling voice, add to that, layers of makeup and armor will surely make him a menacing and measured villain.

4. Stephen Mchattie

Oscar-worthy actors have been joining the DCEU, and there is no rule that actor playing Darkseid need to be on par with them. Mchattie is not new to Zack Snyder’s directorial style has portrayed a Night Owl in Watchmen.

5. Denzel Washington

In Fences, The Equalizer and Man on Fire are any hints, then Denzel Washington can pull off the overpowering villain. Just imagine him staring down at the audience with his soul-piercing eyes.

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