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4 Pictures Of Rey As The “Clown Queen Of Gotham” – Harley Quinn!

4 Pictures Of Rey As The “Clown Queen Of Gotham” – Harley Quinn!

David Goyer, the genius behind the Suicide Squad, has recently confirmed that we are going to get a Suicide Squad sequel, Deadshot Solo movie, and a Harley Quinn movie with other female leads from DC universe, “Gotham Sirens.” After the abysmal ratings from critics, we all thought that the idea of spin-offs or sequel for Suicide Squad is buried. However, DC took the note that regardless of failing in the eyes of critics, Suicide Squad was still an immense financial success just like its predecessor Batman V Superman, and the general audience actually enjoyed the movie a lot. Anyways, getting back to the subject in our headline. What if mix-up two different dimensions? Star Wars and Suicide Squad? What if Rey shows up as Harley? How would she look? Here’s how she would appear, enjoy!

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1. Teasing Rey Harleen! 

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