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4 Original Characters Are Coming Back For Gremlins 3 – “Steven Spielberg Is Involved”

4 Original Characters Are Coming Back For Gremlins 3 – “Steven Spielberg Is Involved”

Gremlins is fright comedy of 80’s that became an instant international hit with an unconventional idea of cute lovey-dovey creature turning into a monster if you feed them post-midnight. Recently Chris Columbus, the writer, and producer of the original Gremlins confirmed to E-Online News that a sequel is in the works. He also clarified that the movie is going to be a sequel that takes place 30 years after the events of the last movie somewhat like “Jurassic World.”
The script for this movie has been going around from one hand to another since 2013 but looks like since April 2016 things have started to solidify for the movie. The script writers have to get the blessings from the main man Steven Speilberg (Produced the original), who can get the film scrapped just by the wave of his hand. The main protagonist of Gremlin films, Zach Gilligan who played the character of Billy has also confirmed that he will be part of this movie. Here are the names of the Characters/Actors, who are slated to make a comeback with Gremlins 3:-

1) Zach Gilligan As Billy Peltzer

zach gilligan Gremlins 3

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