$200,000 Plus Comics & Art Stolen By Handyman From Marvel’s Joe Quesada

$200,000 Plus Comics & Art Stolen By Handyman From Marvel’s Joe Quesada

It might sound like a plot out of some comic book if we tell you that a handyman managed to steal almost a quarter million dollars’ worth of comics and artworks, but, for Marvel Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada, it turned out to be something too real.

As per, Quesada had hired Francisco Bove earlier in the year to mend some water damage at one of his properties. Later he entered the unoccupied property and stole costly comic books and arts when he was found. Authorities stated that Bove had used towels to cover the security cameras before entering and letting his girlfriend in.

Bove was found living in the property when Quesada’s wife suddenly did a remote check of the security cameras and found out that the cameras were blacked out. She then sent a friend over to do a check. This led to Quesada firing Bove who then ordered him to leave the property.

Later, a friend of the ex-Marvel editor in chief asked him about the reason for the selling of his wife’s portrait which was at that property, and this led to the discovery of the theft of several original comic book art and comic books which are cumulatively valued at over $239,000. Lt. John Lamon of Sparta stated that there might be an issue of “Daredevil” among the stolen comic books.

Bove told the investigators that he had sold various art pieces to dealers and auction house in New York before going to Italy on vacation in summer. Quesada managed to trace an art dealer who bought several pieces from Bove for $5000. Bove had told the dealer that he got the pieces from Quesada after they had been affected by water damage.

Police arrested Bove on Monday night, and he has been charged with second-degree theft and third-degree burglary.

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