15 Powers You Weren’t Aware Darth Vader Possess


While this is not something we’ve seen quite a lot in the Star Wars movies, there’s been a lot of times that Darth Vader has used this power like the terrible renegade that he is. Basically, Vader’s energy of force lightning showcases him taking the power of the force and then transforming it into some form of kinetic energy. This is clarified in an issue of Star Wars Insider Magazine, in the comic adaptation of Splinter of the Mind’s Eye. It’s said that Vader can channel the power through his enhanced mechanical arms. From the arms, he can discharge bolts like lightning, which can then electrocute or burn down its target on command.



In what might be one of the scariest powers ever, Vader can telekinetically slaughter individuals. He does this by centring the Force on his victim’s organs and smashing them in deadly ways. Whether he pops somebody’s heart like a balloon or squashes the air their lungs, once Darth Vader gets his telekinetic powers within you, you’re finished.

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