15 Marvel Characters Most Likely To Perish In Avengers: Infinity War

15 Marvel Characters Most Likely To Perish In Avengers: Infinity War

Captain America: Civil War ruled the box-office during last summer, and Marvel also had a fabulous outing at the San Diego Comic Con. In fact, Marvel is basking in the glory of its best times and has massive hype about the upcoming movies too. There are just a few years left for the completion of the third phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The eagerly awaited Infinity War is going to be a two part film with Part I hitting the screens in 2018 followed by Part II in 2019. These films will feature Josh Brolin as the evil Thanos which is a further cause for Marvel fans to be delighted.

It is based on the Infinity Gauntlet comic series, and its story is based on the mega villain Thanos getting possession of the five Infinity Stones and savaging the Marvel universe. The comic was excruciating as it showed Thanos murder all the Marvel heroes and ultimately destroy the celestial bodies and becoming a living embodiment of the universe. Even if Marvel does not replicate the comics exactly and create variation (similar to what they have done in the past), the chances are that some of our beloved MCU characters will die.

Here we present to you 15 Top Marvel characters that are likely to die in Infinity War.


This is hardly a surprise, but, we still needed to have Thanos on this list. While the directors have assured us that they will develop Thanos, it is unlikely that he will break the trend of Marvel villains being bumped off quickly. It is obvious that the heroes have to kill him to save the universe.


Drax the Destroyer was shown to be a revengeful man in Guardians of the Galaxy. His ultimate mission is to kill Thanos. The Infinity War might see these old foes battling and the result is likely to end in Drax making the supreme sacrifice to save his friends and the world.


MCU hasn’t seen the Scarlet Witch live up to her full potential. Despite being extremely powerful, she is probably going to be expended in the battle against Thanos because it will give the villain a great deal of notoriety if he knocks down a powerful Avenger. The fact that she is not yet as popular as the other Avengers only strengthens the case for her demise.


There are two things going against this character. One is the fact that the 71-year-old Michael Douglas isn’t likely to feature in too many films anyway and the other is the fact that he is not an Avenger. Thus, it makes good sense for Thanos or his army to kill Han Pym at an early stage in the film.


The moment Thanos arrives on Asgard, the first person to stop him will be Heimdall which makes it logical for Thanos to kill this character in his quest to find the Infinity Stones. Irrespective of how strong he be, Asgard’s protector seems to be a goner against Thanos’s invasion.


Assuming that the Red Skull didn’t die in Captain America: The First Avenger, he will have to come across Thanos. In the absence of Loki, Johann Schmidt will be a good leader for Thanos’ army. This however, makes his death imminent as Thanos doesn’t pardon those who fail.


Nick Fury is one of those non-Avengers characters who might not have any powers, but, can make an emotional impact on Avengers and the audiences by his death. He is brave and undoubtedly stand by the side of Avengers despite having no power whatsoever to stand up to Thanos or his army. Also, the fact that he was signed for 9 movies out of which 7 have already been released thus, the Infinity Wars will be an appropriate send off for Samuel Jackson.


Thunderbolt Ross is the Secretary of State of the USA as seen in Captain America: Civil War who has a habit to dive into the action and an alien invasion will surely be a challenge that he would try to manage personally. His death will have good story value as it will indicate an upheaval of political and administrative aspects of the society.


This name won’t surprise you if you have read the Infinity War comics. Nebula is the one who ensures Thanos’ defeat by taking control of his infinity gauntlet and undoing his actions. This will give the Marvel heroes the opportunity to defeat the Mad Titan who will perish, taking her into his wake.


Thor is one of the mightiest and most popular Avengers, however, his films haven’t done as well as the films of other Avengers like Captain America and Iron Man. The film Thor: Ragnarok will also complete his trilogy and then there is the fact that he has been signed only for Infinity War I, but, not yet for the Infinity War II which means that he is quite high on the list of those who will depart with the Infinity War.


Clint Barton AKA Hawkeye has been on the edge earlier too as seen in the Age of Ultron when he remarked, “The city is flying and we’re fighting an army of robots. And I have a bow and arrow. Nothing makes sense.” Fans love Jeremy Renner, but, Marvel doesn’t have a clear road map and we can say with a fair degree of certainty that he is unlikely to return from Infinity War if he gets into it in the first place.


Present ruler of Asgard, Loki is quite at risk from Thanos. The time is ripe for his departure now that he has been the key villain in four distinct MCU movies.


While Captain’s death will take the entire scenario to an altogether new level. There is a good case against him as he has been quite an old man who has thwarted off assaults from countless enemies. Story wise also there is a bit of sense as we saw Tony Stark have a vision of all his friends dying and the broken shield in the Avengers: Age of Ultron. Infinity War might be the time for that vision to come true.


The big fish of MCU is Tony Stark. He is the most loved character and his films have done well too. His death will be a major trembler for Marvel and that might just be the reason why he will be killed in the Infinity War. Robert Downey Jr. has remained non-commital about continuing as the Iron Man and if this superhero is killed by the mega villain Thanos then it will give a great rallying reason for the Avengers to avenge his death and will also make Thanos the most hateful villain in MCU. The actor’s high cost, his diminishing role in the new Avengers scheme of things and the fact that there is precious little to show as a character for him after his Pepper’s breakup are all additional factors supporting his death.


Vision’s death is the most obvious of all possible scenarios for Infinity War and we are just short of giving a written guarantee about it. He is quite powerful and lifted Thor’s hammer nonchalantly alongside obliterating Ultron’s robots. His powers are nearly unmatched, but, all that still doesn’t enhance his survival chances. Trailers show that Thanos has the complete Infinity gauntlet with all six stones in place. He already has five and the sixth is embedded in Vision’s head. Need we say more about the chances of his death?

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