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12 Rare Facts About Master Yoda – “Most Mysterious Character In Star Wars Saga.”

12 Rare Facts About Master Yoda – “Most Mysterious Character In Star Wars Saga.”

The picture of Yoda – a little old green guy with pointy ears and a robe who is the reservoir of infinite wisdom is registered in the mind of everyone whether they are fans of Star Wars franchise or not. Internationally “Yoda” has become an icon in his own right – one of the most recognized movie characters of all time.
This piece is a compilation of facts about the centuries-old Jedi grandmaster which are largely unknown throughout the galaxy. Particular focus will be on the creation and history of the Jedi. The hope is that this piece will cater to both casual Star Wars fans as well as die-hard Star Wars fanatics. Without further ado, let’s get on with it.

12. Meant to Remain a Star Wars Mystery

We all know what Yoda drives, what weapon he uses, and what side he fights for and it is easy to think that we are aware a significant chunk of what there is to know about him. Well, you are wrong! Heck, no one even knows what species he belongs to or his planet of origin. All that we are aware is that Yaddle who is the female Yoda (she also has longer hair) is also from the same species.
What if I were to tell you that in a universe that is as extensive and broad as Star Wars, Yoda is one of the greatest mysteries?
That is just the way George Lucas intended it to be. He has in the past already said that he doesn’t know much about Yoda. It was his intention to let it remain a mystique. The whole point is to keep it a mystery.


11. Yoda Was Not the Original Name Choice

What would be your reaction if I had titled this article as ‘Trivia: 12 Things you probably didn’t know about Buffy?’ Of course, your mind will race to conjure the picture of the high-school vampire slayer. You see, George Lucas initially decided to name Yoda as Buffy. Now, that just sounds blasphemously silly. It was a disaster carefully averted.
In her first draft, Leigh Brackett changed the name to Minch Yoda. Thankfully, that was changed again. This time, she decided to drop the “Minch.” Minch sounds like high-school bully’s name and to call the Master of the Jedi skills and who is also a repository of centuries-old wisdom could have been disastrous.
Sidenote: Yoda is picked from Indian Literature, where it is actually pronounced as “Yodha”

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