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10 Must Know Facts About The White Walkers

10 Must Know Facts About The White Walkers

White walkers are by far a fascinating part of Game of Thrones. While they are the most dangerous enemies of Westeros. Some people don’t even accept that they exist. The earliest episode had begun with a squad from The Wall battling these mysterious beings who went on to become a major attraction for the new fans of Game of Thrones. It’s only now that the residents of Westeros have understood what these creatures are and the kind of threat they present. Let’s also try and figure them out:

They are the harbingers of cold:

House Stark’s words were “winter is coming, ” and this phrase didn’t point towards the seasonal change, but, the risk that an extended winter unleashed by the dead can pose. Temperature decreases and cold increases wherever the Walkers go. They have already gone past the wall now, and winter has set in there. It would now be interesting to see what happens when they reach King’s Landing and other locations.

They can freeze things:

Among their many superpowers, one enables them to freeze anything by touch. Therefore, they can simply render their opponents powerless by freezing their weapons in a battle.

Wights are not always human:

As shown in the episode ‘beyond the wall,’ even animals can be wights. This makes them deadlier as animals have more strength and agility compared to humans in a battle. Viserion is extremely dangerous, and it wasn’t easy to kill that bear either.

They are vulnerable to Dragon Glass.

Dragon glass is deadly for White walkers, and it can kill them. It might just be the same material with which they were built, and if used in a weapon against them, it has the power to kill them as well. Dragon stone is located on the mountain made of dragon glass, and it will be vital in the battle against the White Walkers.

Wights are mere puppets of white walkers:

Most people can’t distinguish between wights and white walkers, but, the truth is that these two are different. Walkers can create zombie wights by converting corpses into wights. They are nothing more than puppets for white walkers, and if the white walkers get killed, then the wights die automatically.

Wights cannot turn people:

Unlike the walkers who create them, wights can’t change people. They only fight for their masters and can be killed by things like fire, Valyrian steel or dragon glass. They are not the big threat and only serve as the foot soldiers for the white walkers.

White Walkers can’t be killed by fire:

While Valyrian steel or dragon glass can kill White walkers, they are unaffected by fire. Since there are hardly any Valyrian steel swords existing, thus, the best weapon against them is dragon glass. While wights can be killed by fire, it has no effect on White walkers which makes them unafraid of dragons.

Night king was the first White Walker:

The first ever walker that was created was Night King, and this is the reason why he is their leader. He has managed to raise a massive army to serve him and continues to add on recruits to it. Nobody knows who he was before he became a white walker.

Their language is called ‘skroth’:

Although they can’t be understood and nobody can converse with them, it doesn’t mean that they are speechless. They have their language called ‘Skroth’ which is similar to splintering and cracking of ice. This series will never depict them speaking in any human language.

They were created by children of the forest for protection:

The children of the forest created white walkers 8000 years ago. They created Night King hoping that he would protect them from humans. The whole thing went horribly wrong as instead of protecting them, they began to kill the children of the forest and now exist as a threat to the whole world. 

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