10 Marvel Villains Who Can Defeat JL

10 Marvel Villains Who Can Defeat JL

Marvel villains may not character depth as DC villains have, but they are powerful. Here are a few villains that can defeat the Justice League:

1. Emperor Doom

Doctor Doom is a magician than a scientist. He is intelligent and can easily surpass Lex’s intellect. Using science and mystic knowledge, he can defeat the Man Of Steel and the other members. Since he has control over time, Batman, Flash and Wonder Woman would lose.

2. Apocalypse

Superman goes out with mind control, Batman and Cyborg are no matches for him and Aquaman, Flash and Wonder Woman will go down when he and his horsemen go all out on them.

3. Hyperion

He is Marvel’s Superman and but stronger. With strength and super speed, his regenerative capabilities will allow him to defeat the League.

4. Dormammu

He is a God and that too of the Dark Dimension, and whenever he comes into the real world, he creates havoc.

5. Mephisto

Mephisto has warped reality many times. He killed off Peter and MJ’s marriage.

6. Sentry

Sentry has the power of hundred Suns. If Sentry goes all out, then Superman and the Justice League are no matches for him.

7. The Beyonder

The Beyonder can pull strings. He will not defeat the Justice League but will not do much by himself as he would make them fight each other.

8. Onslaught

When Magneto and Xavier became one, things became worse. There is no Frank Richards to save the heroes of the Justice League.

9. Thanos

Thanos has killed Gods, so Superman, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman will not stand a chance, and he has the infinity gems and can control time.

10. Galactus

He can take down the whole team except Superman. But Superman could barely defeat Zo. So, he may die too.

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