10 Marvel and DC Superheroes Who Are Actually Super Villains

10 Marvel and DC Superheroes Who Are Actually Super Villains

None of us is perfect as we all battle our inner evils. At times even the heroes cross over to the other side and end up doing things which are so evil that we don’t expect even the villains to do. Let’s talk about the typically good guys that we trust as our heroes who also happen to be a dark side. In this list, we mentions some Marvel and DC superheroes who have done things suitable for super villains as well (Only in the comic books).


1. Green Arrow

The comics, as well as the TV series, show Oliver Queen killing his biggest enemy Prometheus. When one of his arrows finally drills through the head of Prometheus, we come to know that he has always had a thing for hunting.

2. Nick Fury

Nick Fury has been a regular visitor to the dark side. Whether it is his job or his extreme ego, he has often done dark things to protect the world from deadly villains, and as shown in the comics, it all ended with him getting killed in a disgraceful way that also showed his allies losing his faith in him.

3. Daredevil

Daredevil went on a murderous streak after becoming the leader of the Hand in comics. He kills savagely and acts as the sole authority who decides wrong or right and delivers the punishment as per his choice.

4. Bishop

The comics showed Bishop backstab the X-Men and go on a genocide after killing Professor X and undertaking a mission to murder Hope Summers and Cable.

5. Black Bolt

In one of the comics, Black Bolt killed Thanos’ son Thane by exploding a T-Bomb and then goes on to contaminate earth’s atmosphere with Terrigen which results in a war between inhumans and mutants.

6. Batman

The brilliant tactician that the Dark Knight is, he once set fire to Martian Manhunter, blinded Kyle Rayner and even manipulated the Superman’s X-ray vision against him.

7. Captain America

The comic books showed Captain America to be a HYDRA soldier who is determined to build HYDRA’s empire all over the world. This makes him poison and slaughter people as well as doing many other evil things.

8. Namor

Namor doesn’t think twice to use the tools of violence and terror to fulfill his wishes. While the people of Atlantis consider him to be a beloved ruler, his violent practices make him fall out with Captain America and Human Torch.

9. Cyclops

He was always a good guy who became a military hunter after the events of M-DAY, M-POX and the War with inhumans.

10. John Constantine

John Constantine has never been easy to figure out superhero. He swivels between extremes of good and bad, generally ending up on the wrong side. While he is not evil purposefully, his powers push him towards villainous traits.

All these conclusions are based on comic books and in no way mean that the on screen adaptations of your beloved Superheroes are bad guys.


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