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10 Live-Action Snaps Of Triss Merigold From Witcher Are Pure Bliss.

10 Live-Action Snaps Of Triss Merigold From Witcher Are Pure Bliss.

Witcher series is one of those games that come out of nowhere and dominated the market like a boss. This game was not released by big gaming magnates like Capcom, Sega, Rockstar, Rocksteady, EA etcetera, the makers of Witcher saga are a small Polish organization known as ProjectCD Red.

Witcher 3 is arguably considered as one of the best role-playing games ever created. Even the people who denounce complexities and mundane tasks of RPG got into this game because the reviewers called Witcher 3 a perfect game. Witcher 3’s gameplay, story arc, graphics, open-world detailing and even the music is on the god-tier level.

The popularity of the game soared so high that we are going to get a live-action adaptation of the Witcher game by the end of 2018. The synopsis of the series or the cast hasn’t been revealed yet, but we are sure these announcements are just around the corner.

The fans have already started sharing photoshopped versions of their favorite actors as Geralt, the main protagonist of the video game. One of the striking things that set Witcher apart from other games is its outstanding graphics. It is not just about the resolution or the texture of the elements, the in-game facial expressions during the cut-scenes are extremely realistic, and that’s one of the reasons people were able to develop a firm connection with Geralt’s personality and also with other characters.

As the graphics are astonishingly good, the beauty of its female characters like Yennefer, Ciri & Triss Merigold accentuated to a whole new level. People are getting crazy about these ladies, and they want to know, who is going to portray them in the live-action series. And that would be only revealed after the production team completes the official cast selection, which is way too far away!

But we can give you guys an easy fix till the official announcements happen. An excellent cosplayer who goes around by the Stage name of Disharmonica has portrayed Triss Merigold from Witcher. Triss is a powerful sorceress in the fictional world of Witcher. Geralt shares a lovely and romantic relationship with her. She is a bad-ass mage as well, who has saved Geralt’s life a ton of times.

This cosplay is synonymous with the word “Perfection.” Disharmonica and her team have done a fantastic job in making this bit of art a masterpiece. Here are the pictures, enjoy:-




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