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10 Kids From ‘The Sandlot’ Movie Then & Now!

10 Kids From ‘The Sandlot’ Movie Then & Now!

I remember my first time sitting down and putting the ‘The Sandlot’ in my DVD player.
It was actually with my first son and if I remember correctly I liked it better than he did. It was just one of those instant classics that made you fall in love with childhood again.
I think it was the famous film critic Roger Ebert that called it “the summertime version of ‘A Christmas Story’ He was a tough critic! But he was certainly onto something with this movie, it took a nostalgic look at the more innocent times of childhood’s from the past. And relied on the talented young actors to carry the film along with some very heavy hitters that they got to play along with in the film.
What has happened to the young kids from ‘The Sandlot’? Where are they now? “we ask”
Well. we have gathered the “RAG TAG” team of kids from the movie and found them all for you! So keep on scrolling and learn what has become of the crew!

Let’s start with “Smalls”

1. Tommy Guiry:


THEN: In ‘The Sandlot’ he was “Smalls” the “New Kid” and narrator of the film, who slowly becomes a part of the crew. The movie was the then 11-yr old’s big screen debut!

NOW: You may recognize him from a few big projects like ‘Mystic River’, ‘Black Hawk Down’ just to name a few. When I saw his face I was even like “WOW”.



Then: Vitar played the character, Benny ‘The Jet’ Rodriguez! He was the oldest and the best “By far” baseball player of the crew. He took “Smalls” under his wing and acclimated him with the rest of the kids and made him into a pretty good player. The Sandlot was Vitar’s role as a childhood actor. But you may remember him from the late 90’s Disney’s movie ‘The Mighty Ducks’ in which he played Luis Mendoza.
Now: In The Sandlot, Vitar played a very courageous character who took his baseball skills all the way to the “Big Leagues”! He chose to remain a courageous person in real life, and became a Firefighter for the city of Los Angeles, and has remained since 2002~

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