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10 Interesting Facts About Saw Gerrera From The Clone Wars And Rogue One.

10 Interesting Facts About Saw Gerrera From The Clone Wars And Rogue One.

We recently witnessed Forest Whitaker playing a significant character that fans know from Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Saw Gerrera in Rogue One. In 2012, the character was presented in the animated series. With Saw at the forefront of everybody’s thoughts, it’s the perfect time to glance back at the rebellious character. Here are 10 interesting facts about Saw Gerrera:-

1. Where You Heard His Name

He is referred to in “The Honorable Ones,” a Star Wars Rebels episode. Agent Kallus discussed about the last mercenary who worked for Saw. You likewise would’ve heard his name in Claudia Gray’s Bloodline. Ransolm Casterfo addressed “the campaigns of Saw Gerrera’s Partisans” when talking about Rebel assaults against the Empire in the Galactic War. Furthermore, in Ultimate Star Wars, Saw’s portrayal states he “later turns into a key figure in the rebellion against the Empire.”


2. Where did we first Encountered “Saw”

It was in Season Five of The Clone Wars that Saw Gerrera made his debut. He showed up in four episodes known as the Onderon arc, which was written by Chris Collins: “A War on Two Fronts,” “Leaders,” “The Soft War,” and “Tipping Points.” He showed guerrilla battling abilities and had an affinity for the rocket launchers brought to Onderon by Hondo Ohnaka.

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