10 Immortal Marvel And DC Characters!

10 Immortal Marvel And DC Characters!

We all love comic books and comic characters are truly fascinating elements of the comic book world. You obviously don’t want your beloved character to die in the comics, and even when they die, writers already plan their resurrection in the upcoming issues of the series. They keep living on in solo series, but, may perish in crossover events. So, here we present to you ten characters from Marvel and DC comic books who are simply immortal.

1. Ra’s al Ghul

Debuting in Batman #232 several decades back, Ra’s Al Ghul has seen a complete overhaul of the character and it became a name big enough to feature in a Batman movie.

2. The Hulk

At his angriest, the Hulk is undoubtedly the most solid, in fact, frankly speaking, he is capable of beating anyone else, even his own other self Bruce Banner. The legendary one shot issue of 2002, titled Hulk: The End, showed Hulk and Banner survive a nuclear explosion that has impacted Earth. While no other living being (barring cockroaches) survive the blast, these two remain alive and are compelled to share the planet, in a unibody existence. Sadly, even the entire planet wasn’t enough to serve as the home for both Hulk and Banner.

3. Wolverine

Wolverine is arguably one of the most powerful Marvel comic book heroes. He has incredible healing powers, which make him the strongest healer and ‘X-Men in Australia’ is the best example, which shows Wolverine heal himself after a bomb blast.

4. Vandal Savage

Vandal Savage is among the mightiest DC characters and he started as a mountain man in 50,000 BC. He became an eternal and incredibly capable of judgement after being soaked by the radiation emanating from a mysterious shooting star. After that point, he has been consultant to the most dogged persons on the planet.

5. Painkiller Jane

Jane Vasko is capable of healing dreadful injuries in a matter of minutes. To bear the pain, she needs to consume painkillers, and that’s where she gets her name from. Despite a couple of incredible hybrids such as Punisher, Hellboy, Darkness and Vampirella, and two TV series, this character created by Joe Quesada-Jimmy Palmiotti is still naïve and underutilized. She needs time to develop more wisdom and build her character alongside.

6. Lobo

The last Czarnian beast can be resurrected from a drop of his own blood only, just how Groot was regrown from a single tree limb. Lobo needs to undertake a lot more adventures to become a prominent character in the comic book world.

7. Deathstroke

Deathstroke aka Slade Wilson is a superhero similar to Headshot and Deadpool. He is extremely clever, super fast and incredibly strong. He has the same rapid healing power that Deadpool possesses. This character can beat death and recover from any injury.

8. Deadpool

Deadpool aka Wade Wilson, has rapid healing power which protects him from all diseases. He is a very agile fighter and is adept at using swords and guns. And of course, he is immortal in comic books!

9. The Immortal

The Immortal debuted as a supporting character in Robert Kirkman’s Invincible. He was decapitated in an early issue, but, was revived later on. The dumbest part was when some villains managed to fix his head back on to his body.

10. Death

Just the fact that you are yourself Death,  makes it logical that you would have incredible powers. DC and Marvel have their own versions of Death. The most popular Death from the past is the ankh wearing Gothic pixie in the Sandman style, whereas the Marvel’s Death is also a lady, but, a more typical “skeleton in an unproptious hood” kind of being. However, a particular supervillain took fancy of her despite all that ghastly appearance.

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