10 Cartoons In 1980’s You May Have Forgotten.

10 Cartoons In 1980’s You May Have Forgotten.

There have been a huge amount of cartoons that have come and gone in the 1980s. While some of them carved a niche, others vanished into the oblivion. I’ve thought of a rundown of ten animated series from the 1980s that many of you may have forgotten. Some of you won’t even know they existed, yet they did. Several of them were amazing, but most of them were pathetic. Here goes….

10. Gilligan’s Planet

This was the second spin-off animated series for Gilligan’s Island. However, I have no clue what they were thinking of while making it. The Professor in the show constructs an operational interplanetary spaceship to get the castaways off the island. As fortunes had it, the ship soared into space and crash-landed on a planet in the universe that supported human life. Therefore, they were stranded once again and waited for the Professor to fix the ship so they could attempt to return home.


9. InHumanoids

Like He-Man, InHumanoids was an action figure toy line before it made an animated series. The show was based on a group of scientist heroes called Earth Corps. They fought a trio of underground beasts called the Inhumanoid with the help of the Mutores, who were elemental creatures. The series began as a set of six to seven moment shorts. It in the end got a full-length series. However, it lasted for just one season. It was all the more an adult themed show that was planned for children to give them bad dreams.


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