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“007 Can Be A LADY” – Says JAMES BOND Producer Barbara Broccoli.

“007 Can Be A LADY” – Says JAMES BOND Producer Barbara Broccoli.

We recently witnessed Jodie Whittaker given a role as The Thirteenth Doctor, the first lady ever to play the lead in Doctor Who.

In any case, shouldn’t something be said about James Bond? A comparable franchise since both have been around more than 50 years, both have seen their lead played by various performing artists and both have advanced with time.

Obviously The Doctor is a Gallifreyan, which means a time traveling alien specise who can regenerate into various bodies and swap sexes.

Yet, could Bond be a lady, experiencing a similar reboot to Doctor Who or the all-female Ghostbusters a year ago?

In an interview from 2015, just before the arrival of the most recent James Bond film Specter – 007 the producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G Wilson were quizzed whether the famous spy could be black or a lady later on.

Talking with GQ, Broccoli answered:

“It’s like Hamlet, who has been played by a variety of different people, including women. So presumably Bond could be. But do I want to be making a Bond film without Daniel Craig? No, absolutely not! He’s so integral to the whole process that I’m in denial about anyone else playing Bond. Genuinely.”

A month ago Idris Elba progressed towards becoming the next Bond, after Broccoli supported a plan to enhance variety in the British film industry, to which Sir Ian McKellen said 007 ought to be gay.

However, the most recent talk is that Daniel Craig has signed on for a fifth James Bond excursion. Therefore, it might be a few years before Bond changes race or gender.

The fellow Bond maker Wilson included:

“Could Bond be played by a black person or a woman? Bond is a fictitious character who has now become part of the culture. So don’t ask it about Bond, ask it about Sherlock Holmes or Superman or Batman. It’s like saying, “If you weren’t married to your wife, who would you like to be married to?”

Well, that’s that.

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